Hi there! My name is Arkhimedes. Just call me Arkhi.

I must tell you about my big discovery. Not about the weight of bodies in water…yes, I’m famous for that one; but this is about the human body itself. You see, when I was sitting in a bath (okay, hot tub), I hit upon this idea: a naked body is really okay. Not evil! That goes for bodies of any sex, age, size, shape, or condition.

So excited was I about my discovery that I sprang out of the tub and ran home stark naked! (The tub was somewhere else. In classical Greek times, we didn’t have our own bath tubs.) Legend has it that I shouted “Heureka!” — which to us Greek types means “I’ve found it!” (That’s the Greek script in the drawing of me.)

Because it’s not much of a stretch from having found something to founding something (!), I started a company: Heureka Productions. We publish books, all having to do with human nudity. Often they connect to what is known as naturism or nudism. Check out our links for more on that.

I should explain our motto. It’s in Latin, the classical Romans’ language. I know, I’m Greek and not Roman, but what’s a little language difference among friends? The motto is:

Menti sanæ corpus nudum

Now, before I tell you what it means, you will want to know that it’s a comment on a better-known motto: Mens sana in corpore sano. That means A sound mind in a sound body. So what does our motto mean?

To a sound mind there is a naked body. Or: A sound mind has a naked body. Or best yet: To a sound mind, the body is naked.

Curious? (Come on, who isn’t?) Just click away and uncover a few things…Expose yourself to some fine books!